Why should you use CloudLinux?

Why should you use CloudLinux?

If you offer hosting services, either with CPanel, Plesk (now called Odin), DirectAdmin, Interworks or ISP manager, you should consider using CloudLinux; the tool that improves the performance, the security and satisfaction of your clients, while it increases the profits per server. What else can you ask for?

About CloudLinux

CloudLinux is the result of the hard work of Igor Seletskiy and team, whose main contribution was to add features that years ago were only available for big companies. Now, any web hosting provider, big or small, can benefit from them. Before ClouLinux, it was normal to find fully overloaded servers due to one account that was under attack or running a heavy process that used most of the server resources.

How does it work?

CloudLinux turns each hosting account into a virtualized mini container. In order to do this, it uses its own kernel (among other things) which allows it to monitor the resources of each account and set limits to each one. With CloudLinux you can limit:

  • Virtual and Physical memory
  • Processes
  • Incoming connections
  • CPU Usage

Besides, it includes other interesting and useful features to control MySQL resources, an excellent PHP selector and modules. With this feature users can choose the PHP version they want to work with, add its own modules (they just have to choose from a number of supported modules) and they can even change some values of the php.ini file; all these directly from the user panel. Another advanced feature that it is worth mentioning is Optimumcache, which allows storing a duplicate cache. For example, if the server hosts 100 WordPress sites of the same version, the cache will only store one copy of the common files but the copy will be available for all the sites. This reduces the space needed for cache and improves the performance by detecting the duplicate files and caching them once.

Advantages for providers and clients

Security: The virtualization layer locks each user, if an account is compromised it will not affect other accounts on the server.

Fair use of resources: It forbids abusive clients or compromised accounts to monopolize the resources of the server and affect stability.

Higher profits: By eliminating the abusive use of resources, the provider can set up more accounts per server, with no fear of collapse.

Less technical support: By giving your clients the chance to administrate PHP options by themselves, you get rid of additional work.

Satisfied clients: The superior stability provided by CloudLinux and the ability of administrating their PHP options, will make your clients happy.


CloudLinux offers the tools that every hosting provider needs to keep servers free from abuse of resources. Even if it is true that with scripts and certain configurations it is possible to achieve everything CloudLinux provides, CloudLinux makes it easier and simpler. This is the reason why we recommend its installation to every hosting provider.
We use CloudLinux in all our CPanel Hosting Plans and Reseller Hosting Plans and the hosting providers that use our services (Dedicated Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers) can ask for its free installation and configuration.