SEO and Online Business

SEO and Online Business

We live in the golden age of internet; every new day exponentially increases the number of businesses basing their business plan on the online model.

A lot of the existing businesses on the Internet are completely oriented to SEO, others instead work with other types of strategies, like email marketing, adwords, integration of affiliate programs, social networks, etc. Therefore, there are a multitude of models, and although we do not have the exact percentages, what we know for sure is that there is an increasing number of websites that depend entirely or partially on SEO.

The importance of SEO is increasing

According to the opinion of expert SEO consultants, the SEO is increasingly used and more needed, as an On-page optimization is essential for any website, even if only done with the aim of being able to present to customers and users an efficient web and at least a good position for the brand.

One of the sectors that has grown in this aspect is the regional business; practically all businesses in this sector have been needing to invest in SEO for the last years. We have become aware that the positioning not only attracts traffic and benefits, but also prestige and a fast retention of the user that enters your web through an organic search.

Suppose a user searches Google for “Arizona Regatta“, the first thing he sees are adwords ads and then Local SEO and organic results. Well, every time is greater the tendency of the users to click directly on the results of local SEO or organic, since we are increasingly aware that when entering a URL positioned in SEO by the keyword we have searched for, we will find much more reliable and filtered content, compared to other search results that appear on the same page as for example published adwords.

This feeling between users and well-positioned webs will make it easier to get a trust link between user and web content , and therefore, conversions and sales.

TRUST expert SEO professionals

Other obvious advantages of SEO compared to other sectors is that the web positioning is durable over time, unless of course you execute some aggressive technique that could lead to a penalty. Once you appear in good search results by a certain keyword it is quite complicated that a radical variation of that results can occur from one day to another.

In conclusion, we can say that, of course, not all websites are required to guide their planning around web positioning and successful optimization, since there are other models that can be based on different pillars. But if you really value this aspect, our recommendation is that you rely on an agency or a professional SEO consultant to really work creatively on your project, since professional consulting depends on open minds to the evolution of new technologies. Modern SEO is no longer a checklist.