Instagram, the perfect tool to increase sales

Instagram, the perfect tool to increase sales

Instagram has become the ideal tool in which ecommerce can be trusted with the goal of increasing sales.

Studies confirm this and experts support it: Instagram has become the ideal tool in which ecommerce can be trusted with the goal of increasing sales. Social networks have always been successful and have served as a showcase for online stores, but in this case the support is being meteoric, greatly aiding Instagram publications to increase sales in any type of ecommerce.

The importance of aesthetics

If ecommerce gurus agree on something, is the importance of online stores with attractive and well presented web designs. Statistics show that 93% of users’ purchasing decisions are focused on a visual reason, while 52% of visitors of an online store recognize that they will not go back to any other one that disappoints them in visual terms. For this reason Instagram becomes the ideal social service, given that it is a medium in which the main protagonism is occupied by the photographs.

What is shown in Instagram has great possibilities of reaching a huge amunt of users and if it is an attractive product with a wonderful image, it will be much easier for ecommerce to increase sales significantly.

Instagram is much more

But there is other data that shows that trusting Instagram is not something that is only recommended, but that brands should be forced to take look at. For example, with the content publications that are made on Facebook the brands manage to reach 6% of their audience. But in Instagram, publications reach 100% of the followers, being much more efficient and allowing greater profitability.

On the other hand, the interaction on Instagram is 58% higher than on Facebook , which ensures that the volume of sales may be significantly higher. And as a last reason, do not forget that while Facebook reduces its presence in search engines, Instagram is increasing it. These reasons lead to see the relevance of having a profile in Instagram on which each ecommerce can show the products users have at their disposal, whether televisions, shoes, mobile, sunglasses or services.

It does not matter what type of product is marketed, but the way in which are used the different options available to try to reach the maximum possible number of people interested.