Free web design can be very expensive

Free web design can be very expensive

If you think that a free web design can be a good option for your project, we recommend you continue reading. More and more people are launching to undertake with a business idea, many illusions and … little budget! It is very common that when we start, our initial investment possibility is quite low. On one hand we know that to make our project known it is very important to have a website, but on the other we can not spend a lot of money until our business starts to give results. In that situation, free web design seems like the perfect solution. But is it really?

What do we consider a free web design?

Usually when we imagine the possibility of creating our web for free, we are thinking of using some “free” platform to be able to create our page ourselves. We want to save the price of the domain and hosting. Wix or Webnode are examples of companies that offer the possibility of creating a “free” website on their platforms.

Another very common form of “free” web design is that the web is made for you by some friend using a free software platform like WordPress and using a free template and does not charge you for their working hours. Although with this option, you will still have to pay for the hosting and the domain.
Did you notice that I put the word “free” in quotes? It’s because nothing is actually free. Now you will see…

What do platforms usually offer to make webs for free?

Normally this type of free-web-creating platforms offer you:

  • Free Hosting: Host your website on a shared server among all the people who enjoy the service.
  • A subdomain also free: It is usually a subdomain of the company that offers the free web. For example yourname.wix.com.
  • An easy-to-use web builder: They are usually web builders where you drag the elements to the place where you want them to appear, change colors, images and fonts easily, etc.

It looks great, right? In exchange, the only explicit condition is that if you want to use the service for free, they will be able to place advertising in your web page. So if you want your website to be really free, you’ll have to endure advertising and the address of your website will be a subdomain of the company.

Is it really free to make a website on these platforms?

Actually, if you do not mind that the address of your website is a subdomain of something else and that your web has ads, then yes, you can have a free web …

The point is that most people do care about these things. If you make a web is because you want to give visibility to your business, because you want to be successful. And, let’s be honest, it does not give a good image that the address of your website is not exclusively the name of your business and that when your potential clients land on it, it is full of publicity of things that have nothing to do with your brand.

It is then that what seemed to be “free” ceases to be and these companies start to make money. If you want your website to look like serious, you will end up paying to remove the advertising and use your own domain. In Wix, using your custom domain and removing the ads costs $8.25 per month. We are talking about $100 a year. This is not free anymore, right?

Did you know that you could have a quality web hosting for the same price and use free software like WordPress to make your website?

The best way to make a free web

We think the best way to make a free web is to make it yourself. But always using a professional content manager that lives up to your expectations, like WordPress. WordPress, in addition to being the most used manager in the world, is free software, so it’s really free. It is a powerful tool with wich you can build from the simplest blog to a super complete online store.

  • You will have to pay for the hosting and the domain, but it will not cost you more than Wix without ads.
  • You can position your website in search engines easily because WordPress is SEO friendly.
  • The learning curve may be longer than with a web builder, but the internet is full of free tutorials and good WordPress courses. You can found some tutorials here.
  • If you take care of making your website, you will put your soul into it. No one will take it as seriously as you.
  • You will have learned a skill that will accompany you forever. Once you’ve made a website, you can do as many as you want.
  • If you get stuck or over time your business grows and you want to improve your website, you can always hire an expert WordPress designer to optimize all the work you have done so far without losing it.