hardware and high quality connectivity with efficient use of energy

Our innovative global infrastructure is built to respond with the necessary systems and environments to provide reliable, secure and scalable services for you and your organization.

High quality DELL servers

Processors from: Dual Intel Core Xeon
Memory from: 16 GB of RAM
Hard Disks from: 1TB SATA/256GB SSD
Last CentOS version
WHM/Cpanel in all servers
Firewall DELL SonicWall
Professional server management

Fast, Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting

Get the power you need to deliver your applications and services to your growing customer base. Our servers offer the latest enterprise hardware and technologies for highly reliable and responsive services within your budget.

Redundantly Built Network

Brocade® MLX and XMR routers to ensure high availability and performance.
Layer 2 and 3 transport services for optimized network connectivity.
Global DDoS Protected Network to take action against attacks.
Traffic Optimization for efficient and enhanced end-to-end service.

More Quality. Less Latency. Your Competitive Advantage!

All our servers are deployed with three networks: our public network, a private network and an IPMI network to provide you the flexibility to manage your data and services.

What do you get with us?

550Gbps+ capacity
Tier I Provider Network
DDoS Protected Network
Low Latency
Monitored by 24/7/365 Global Staff
99,98% uptime guaranteed

Premiun Network Carriers

We can provide you premium IP transit bandwidth. With diverse and redundant path availability, your data constantly flows, your connections remain concrete and your response times are improved to avoid latency.